Actually, Skerrit Bwoy Wont be Clubbing For God Anymore After All

A few weeks ago I wrote about how the famous West Indian dancer and selector Skerrit Bwoy has given up hyper-sexual dancing, daggering, and swear words, but will continue playing in clubs for one year to help lead others to God. Well, just to set the record straight, on June 22, 2012 he announced on Facebook that he changed his mind.

So in light of all evidence, shown to me by the Spirit. I will not accept any gigs in clubs, bars, or venues that will serve liquor. I will not DJ with other DJs that play profanity, or explicit content. If that means I gotta DJ in my backyard, for my kids & myself, let it be. God knows what he doing & he’s asking me to exercise the faith..

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Skerrit Bwoy Goes Clubbing for God

Skerrit Bwoy gave up daggering for God but he is still performing and he hopes his performances will lead others to God.

Last May I broke the story about how he gave up daggering in VICE. After the article was published I visited him at his Pentecostal church in Brooklyn, NY and then went to hear him DJ a reggae set on a boat cruise in Queens. It was his first reggae set since he found God.

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My piece on how the daggering champion of the world, Skerrit Bwoy, gave up daggering for God is in VICE today. Click here to read! Enjoy the bonus photos and antics below!

These two were taken in the garage of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Newton, Ma before the show. Skerrit Bwoy practiced singing some gospel music. It sounded pretty.

At Hi-Fi Pizzeria in Cambridge, Ma.

Skerrit Bwoy to the Pizza Guy: How about a smile?

Pizza Guy: I make pizza, I don’t smile.

SB: I got a smile right there!

And then he did! Skerrit Bwoy got the Pizza Guy to smile! It was the first time in the five years since I’ve been going to Hi-Fi that I have ever seen any of the Pizza Guys smile.